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Free Waitress Resume Templates

If you are clueless as to how to properly prepare a killer waitress resume, do not worry yourself– you can find all kinds of free waitress resume templates to follow when you take the time to look. Several web sites are very helpful, offering up free waitress resume templates that are available for download and just need to have your personal information filled in.

Having a professional, eye-catching waitress resume is vital because it is used as a tool to present yourself when your not in front of the person who is doing the hiring. You want your waitress resume to best reflect your skills and experience as well as your ability to be able to do the position you are applying for.

There is no one set correct way to put together a waitress resume. Everyone does theirs in a different way. That is why having some free waitress resume templates that you can refer to can really help in deciding how YOU want YOUR waitress resume to look. These templates can often be downloaded to your hard drive and then all you need to do is fill in your information and you will have a waitress resume you can be proud of.

When we did a Google search for “free waitress resume templates”, we found many web sites that offer up free waitress resume templates as well as advice for you to follow when you are typing up your waitress resume. These web sites are dedicated to helping people with their job search and their advice is pretty valuable when you are in the middle of a job search.

You may ask yourself why anyone would want to offer up free waitress resume templates and advice to you or anyone else for that matter. Well, the only thing we know is that the Internet offers up many, many services to people for free, and this is usually done because enterprising young people start web sites and make money by putting advertisers on the site. But seriously, as long as you have access to things like free waitress resume templates, why worry about why they are there free for the asking? Just take advantage of it!

You are going to find a lot of different free waitress resume templates to choose from. Look at several and find one that best reflects you, your personality, and your abilities. Like we said, the waitress resume is initially going to do the “talking” for you with a potential employer, so you want it to look good. Then put together a waitress resume you can be proud of and wait for that call to interview!

Objectives For Waitress Resume

Objectives For Waitress Resume

A waitress resume must include the following objectives to be effective:

  • Resumes first look must be eye-catching and well formulated.
  • Your waitress resume must be easy for the person reading it.
  • Include only the information they are looking for.
  • Make sure your resume is summarized.
  • Group related information separately.

Sample Resume Content For Waitress
A waitress resume must include the following sections or groups to be effective:

  • Career Objective.
  • Skill Summary (major expertise should be at top).
  • Work Experience.
  • Education.
  • Training Completed (if any).
  • Computer Skills.
  • References.

Waitress Resume | Top 6 Job Seeking Mistakes

You have your killer waitress resume, now here are six key mistakes that job seekers keep making during this down economy:

1. Sticking to a job search routine that isn't working.

Often, job seekers will spend all of their time looking at job boards for listings and e-mailing resumes in response. Then, when they don't find anything, they give up. This strategy typically doesn't bring positives results by itself. While it's important to search all the top job boards, you also should be spending your time networking and staying up to date on your industry trends. Just remember, if your current strategy isn't working, it's probably time to retool your approach.

If you're in a highly competitive field, for example, you may be one of hundreds of applicants for a job that's posted on a prominent site. You can reduce the competition by posting your resume on niche job boards and searching business journals for companies that are expanding and contacting them directly. Or perhaps you can sign up with a recruiting firm to learn about jobs that aren't necessarily advertised.

It may be that you need to look for a different type of job, or in a different industry or city, as well. Don't pigeonhole yourself in your search. Be as open-minded as possible.

2. Appearing defeated or desperate during the interview.

Sometimes there can be a fine line between someone who is aggressive in their job search, and someone who is desperate.

It's smart to be somewhat aggressive and go a bit out on a limb. That could mean following up with potential employers after you've sent a resume, asking your contacts for help (politely, of course) or even offering to work for someone on a trial or temporary basis while you both evaluate whether it's a fit.

Desperation consists more of attitude than actions. Try to maintain a sense of self-confidence and remind yourself of your self-worth. An extended job-hunt can take a toll on your self-esteem, but you want to project a positive image during an interview. Try not to be too hard on yourself and keep as positive of an attitude as you can.

3. Being inflexible in your job search targets.

Creativity is essential in a job search, and often that entails being able to envision yourself in new roles. This might include targeting jobs in other cities where your industry is more active, looking for project work, or considering jobs that aren't ideal but you think you would be good at.

4. Not following up with potential employers.

While you don't want to be a pest, it's often wise to follow up with employers who you don't hear from after submitting a resume.

Whether communicating in writing or over the telephone, job seekers should demonstrate their knowledge of the company while reinforcing their qualifications and sincere interest in the position. This extra step can give professionals a significant advantage over less-proactive candidates

5. Having an unflattering digital footprint.

Think your friends are the only people who viewed those less-than-professional vacation photos you posted online? Think again. With a few mouse clicks, potential employers can dig up information about you on blogs, personal websites and networking site profiles. Make sure you do a thorough self-search and take any necessary corrective action.

6. Being caught without networking business cards and an updated waitress resume.

Make it a point to never leave your office or home without business cards and an updated resume. It doesn't matter whether you will be in a business or personal setting. You never know who you will meet and when you will need to give your business card and waitress resume to someone.

Waitress Resume | Sample Waitress Resume 5

Position Desired: receptionist or waitress

Cover Letter:
My name is Tammy Johannssen and I am looking for a job in customer service. I have worked with the public since i have started working. I am very easy to get along with. I have worked worked different jobs from a waitress to a csr at a call center. I enjoy working with others and like to have fun when I am working. I am always willing to help others or learn new things that relate to a job. Every job that I have had I get along great with the co workers and have left with good recommendations for the next job i go to.

Smallville high school graduate

Duluth, La-grange college completed first year

Work History / Experience:
4-07 to current
answering phones and taking calls from customers working with a computer and computer programs

Piggly Wiggly
5-03 to 4-07
worked in the bakery and did customer service

Continental supply
10-00 to 5-03
delivered car parts and helped customers at the counter to order or pick parts up

Eastside cafe
2-00 to 4-02

I was the waitress and once in a while cooked.
worked there until they closed down

7-99 to 1-00
cashier and did customer service til i moved

I have various skills I have worked on computers with programs such as siebal,word prosessing, e mail, excel spreadsheet. I have also waitressed and have very good customer service skills.

Desired Compensation / Salary:
25,000 to 35,000

Waitress Resume 3

Your Name
Your Street
Your City
Email address

Objective: Seeking a Challenging position as a Waitress within a Family Dining Restaurant Establishment.

Summary of Qualifications:
* Performed food preparation duties such as preparing salads, appetizers, and cold dishes, portioning desserts, and brewing coffee.

* Wrote patrons' food orders on order slips, memorized orders, and entered orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.

* Checked patrons' identification in order to ensure that they met minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages.

* Served food and beverages to patrons; prepared and served specialty dishes at tables as required.

* Brought wine selections to tables with appropriate glasses, and poured the wines for customers.

* Prepared checks that itemized and totaled meal costs and sales taxes.

Your Employer Employer City
Waiter/Waitress Start Date to Present

Your Employer Employer City
Start Date to Present

Your School School Location
Your Degree 2008

* Financed 100% of college education through part-time work
as a Short-Order Cook.
* Grade Point Average (GPA)

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I can't over emphasize the importance of a good resume. You will want more from your wait staff career.

Possibly, a promotion into management...or maybe to finish college and move away from customer service (you never completely move away from serving people).

Waitress Resume 2

Applying for a job as a waitress? You need to make sure your resume stands out compared to other waitresses'.

The way in which you present your waitressing resume can be the difference between a resume that stands out from other job seekers or one that is lost in the pile. It all comes down to making an impression and first impressions count. As all good waitresses know, if you start off on the right foot and make a positive impression, the reward - by way of a generous tip, is more likely to follow. The same theory holds true when applying for a waitressing job - make sure your waitress resume is well presented with strong relevant content and you're more likely to be considered for the job.

When reading a waitress resume, prospective employers are looking for a waitress with the following qualities:

1. A waitress with strong interpersonal skills that has the ability to engage with customers in a professional, friendly, yet efficient manner

2. The waitress must be able to take orders without mistakes and relay special requests to chefs in a clear manner

3. Have a good understanding of specialty foods so as to explain complicated menus

4. The waitress must have an understanding of common dietary requirements including allergies and intolerances (ie. gluten, dairy, peanut etc) and food related conditions such as (celiac disease and anaphylactic shock)

5. The ability to set and clear tables in an efficient manner

6. Good energy levels and stamina to keep up with the pace on long nights / busy shifts

7. Waitresses must be able to remain calm and professional under pressure and in situations of stress

8. The ability to wine-match certain wines to certain meals is advantageous, so to is 'wine appreciation'

9. An understanding of food handling safety is an advantage

11. A waitress that is passionate about food and customer service

10. The ability to operate a coffee machine
Objective writing for waitress resume

It is important to offer something of substance. A common mistake with a waitress resume is to be too generic ie " To gain employment as a waitress". An example of a well written waitressing objective is as follows:

"I am a Senior Waitress seeking a position that allows me to utilize my passions for French cuisine

and hospitality. With team leadership experience, my daily goal is to manage the floor so that

customer service consistently surpasses diner expectations"
Checklist for a Waitress Resume

1. Have an eye-catching waitress resume design - so you will instantly be noticed, and more importantly, remembered

2. Provide the relevant information to the employer or recruitment agency screening waitress resumes

3. Make sure your resume is concise - use single line phrases and bullet points to showcase your waitressing skills and experience